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At 28 years old, Nadia realized that neither sitting behind a desk or slinging drinks was going to fulfill her life’s passion; she finally decided to take the leap to follow her dreams of becoming a make-up artist. In 2018, Nadia took that leap and enrolled at Studio Crush of Atlanta to complete her certification to be a professional MUA.

Since graduating, Nadia has been able to use her artistry across multiple platforms including beauty, fashion, editorial, print, film/tv, national pageants, and bridal. You can find some of her work on IMDB, Revlon Hair Tools, HotTools Pro, and Matte Collection Swimwear. Nadia is very passionate about her role as a makeup artist, and it shows in all her client interactions and makeup applications. She will always make sure that you feel comfortable and that you absolutely love your look. While she’s here for the GLAM, her artistry can take you anywhere from casual to white tie, and anything in between.

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