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Erandi has been a Makeup Artist for eight years now, and she loves every bit of it. She only began to do it as a hobby, and now it truly her my passion. Erandi loves everything about makeup. She loves how it can change her mood just with adding a different colored lipstick, or popping some glitter on to her lids. Makeup gives her confidence when she feels most vulnerable. Erandi's passion for this art was born when she realized she could do the same for others. It truly warms her heart when she can make others feel as gorgeous as they deserve to feel. She is self-taught through hundreds of hours of YouTube, and countless faces from hands-on practice. She continues to learn every day and tries her best to keep up with the ever changing trends. Erandi looks forward to continuing to perfect her trade. She is so excited to be a part of the Beauty Babes ATL team!

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